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Re: Implicit surface plotting

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  • Subject: [mg1536] Re: Implicit surface plotting
  • From: chen at (Richard Q. Chen)
  • Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 01:47:22 -0400
  • Organization: Yale University

In article <3s86k6$och at>, bengtmn at (Bengt Mansson) writes:
>How can I use Mathematica to plot surfaces implicitly given, eg an 
>ellipsoid x^2+2y^2+3z^2=1.
>Regards, Bengt M.

The most efficient way is to parametrize your surface:

In[1]:= x = Sin[t]Cos[p]

Out[1]= Cos[p] Sin[t]

In[2]:= y = Sin[t]Sin[p]/Sqrt[2]

        Sin[p] Sin[t]
Out[2]= -------------

In[3]:= z = Cos[t]/Sqrt[3]

Out[3]= -------

In[4]:= ParametricPlot3D[{x,y,z},{t,0,Pi},{p,0,2Pi}]

Out[4]= -Graphics3D-

There are other ways available (using 3D contour plot package,
for example), but they are very time consuming and should be
used only as last resort.


Richard Q. Chen
chen at

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