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How to parametric plot deriv of interpolating func?

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  • Subject: [mg1564] How to parametric plot deriv of interpolating func?
  • From: "Ronald J. Riegert" <riegerrj at>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 06:29:22 -0400
  • Organization: DuPont Experimental Station, Wilmington, DE USA

	I have recently started working with NDSolve and just 
encountered Mathematica interpolating functions for the first 
time.  The Mathematica book says that these can be dealt with 
just like any other function, but I'm having difficulty using 
their derivatives in parametric plots.  
	In particular, I use NDSolve to solve the second-order 
differential equation diffeq for x[t], and call the result 


This gives the interpolating function:

x -> InterpolatingFunction[ {0.,50.}, <>]

I'm interested in plotting D[x[t],t], so I do:

Plot[Evaluate[D[x[t] /. soln,t]],{t,0.,50.}]

which works fine.  However, I'm really want to use D[x[t],t] 
in a parametric plot, so I test by entering:

ParametricPlot[{t, Evaluate[D[x[t] /. soln,t]]},{t,0.,50.}]

which should give the same graph as the above Plot command.  
Instead, it produces a bunch of error messages.  
	My question, therefore, is how do I go about using the 
derivative of an interpolating function in a parametric plot?

Ronald J. Riegert
DuPont Experimental Station
riegerrj at

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