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Summary: renaming in Function[] and Module[]

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  • Subject: [mg592] Summary: renaming in Function[] and Module[]
  • From: Xah Y Lee <xyl10060 at>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 01:28:41 -0800 (PST)

In reply to Paul E Howland's message "[mg523] Confused about 
contexts...", Robby Villegas explained in message "[mg570] ..." on the 
issue of renaming by Function and Module. It was GREAT. Thanks Robby. I 
myself run into this exact problem 2 weeks ago.

The way I solved the problem is by using   Function[ z/. x-># ].
Here is a summary.

 we expect the definition
   test[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; Function[x,z]]
 to behave like this
 test[m] should return Function[x,Sin[x/a]], but instead it returns
 Function[x$, z$10]. What to do?


test1[a_] := Module[{z}, z = Sin[x/a]; Function @@ {x, z}]
test2[a_] := Module[{z}, z = Sin[x/a]; Function[ z/. x->#] ]
test3[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; (Function[Evaluate@z]/.x->#) ]

the following wouldn't work:

test4[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; Function[x,z]]
test5[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; Function[x,Evaluate@z]]
test6[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; Evaluate@Function[x, z] ]
test7[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; (Function[z]/.x->#) ]
test8[a_] := Module[{z}, z=Sin[x/a]; Evaluate@(Function[z]/.x->#) ]

 Xah Lee      a Stud at some higher learning place.
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   Some shed tears because of war, some for joy.
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