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  • Subject: [mg536] Re: [mg524] Vote YES YES YES!
  • From: Xah Y Lee <xyl10060 at>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 15:03:29 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 8 Mar 1995, Andrew Laska wrote:

> I urge all mathgroupers to vote NO to the proposed newsgroup.

I don't think we should discuss this issue here, but since you started 
and your message got posted, I'll argue with you to support a moderated 

Did you know that this (here) MathGroup mailing-list is moderated?

> A moderated group will choke out any possibility of a non moderated 
> newsgroup in the future...

Suppose this is true. So what? Discussion of mma is not like discussing 
ill-defined or taboo topics like abortion, sex, or politics.
 What we need non-moderated mma newsgroup for? 
For each subject, moderation merely keep the newsgroup focused to it's 
topic. Non-moderated groups usually become flame-war-zones, advertising 
boards, or full of irresonsible question posters.

People often relate to moderation as censorship along with it's negative 
connotations. I am generally against censorship, but it really 
depends on what is meant by censorship and on particular situations. In our 
case, the moderator merely bar 
messages that couldn't remotely relate to mma and ceaseless annoying  
questions like Maple vs. mma, what price, where to buy...etc.

These are my opions. I hope it balance Andrew's view on voting of the 
new mma newsgroup.

 Xah Lee      xyl10060 at
 A student at Foothill College, whos life is going nowhere... 
  (looks like it's going down the drain to me)
 MTN View, CA

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