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Help needed !!!

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg546] Help needed !!!
  • From: Haldun Tihan <haldun at>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Mar 95 10:49:50 -500

Dear Mathgroup,
I am currently working on fitting an equation to data that I have from an
experiment for Resin Transfer Molding. Data consist of independent 
(x, y, f(x,y)) values.

Data for {x, y, f(x,y)} :
           {100.0,22.0,9166.95} {105.0,22.0,1351.95} {110.0,22.0,878.95}
           {115.0,22.0,586.95}  {120.0,22.0,402.95}  {125.0,22.0,303.95}
           {130.0,22.0,217.95}  {135.0,22.0,147.95}  {140.0,22.0,95.95}
           {145.0,22.0,57.95}   {150.0,22.0,32.95}

Neither Fit nor Series command in Mathematica gave me some kind of equation.
(Series command used due to the fact that TAYLOR SERIES EXPANSION will fit the
data more "closely"). Bearing in mind that I don't have an explicit function,
infact it is my goal to generate one, I couldn't be able to use :
  Flatten[Table[...    command and  Series command for power series looks to me
for only one independent variable, where I have two. 

Your help on the subject will be much appreciated.

Haldun Tihan, ME.
Research Assistant,
DMI at Stevens Intitute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ, 07030

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