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Re: In[1]:= Question

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  • Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 16:20:55 -0400
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In article <3olui9$ql4 at>,
   taw at (Timothy Wilson) wrote:
->Pardon the silly question ladies and gents:
->I am using Mathematica for Windows and wish to accomplish the following.
->When I have a notebook open and I begin to create a model, there is the
->In and Out numbers given from Mathematica.  If I open another notebook
->after having closed the first and reuse say a variable from the previous
->notebook, I get results.  Put simply, how do I clear the ENTIRE memory?
->Sorry about the incoherent message.  :)
->Gene and Tim :)
->Timothy A. Wilson                
->taw at      

I use a package called CleanSlate, available from MathSource.  I've seen 
complaints that it takes to long unloading large (multimegabyte) packages 
from memory, but in my experience the delays have been entirely tolerable, 
and it returns the kernel to a pretty viriginal state.  You could always 
kill the kernel and reload it, but on my machine (also a Windoze box) that 
takes a lot longer than CleanSlate does.


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