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Re: Find the center!

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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 02:19:13 -0400

Gottfried Mayer-Kress <gmk at> wrote:
> O.k. here is the problem:
> There are a bunch of points in 3-space and they are supposed to be 
> scattered around the surface of a sphere. You want to find the
> center of the sphere and the radius.
> NB: The data are noisy (about 2% of the radius) and only cover a patch 
> on the sphere.
> I think I have a reasonable solution, but maybe someone knows of some 
> real elegant method?
Try this one:

center[pts_] := Module[ {R,r=Plus@@pts/Length[pts]},
   { R =  Inverse[ Plus@@(Outer[Times,#-r,#-r]& /@ pts) ].
          Plus@@(#.#(#-r)& /@ pts)/2,
     Sqrt[Plus@@((#-R).(#-R)& /@ pts)/Length[pts]] } ]

The function returns the center of the sphere and its radius.
The derivation of the formula is left as an excercise.


Define a function which first normalizes a given vector and 
then multiplies the radius by a random coefficient close to one.

rndnrm[x_] := (.98+.04Random[])x/Sqrt[x.x]

Then we generate a set of 10 sample points which are approximately
located on a unit sphere with center at the point {1,2,3}:

points = ({1,2,3}+#)& /@ rndnrm /@ Table[Random[]-.5,{10},{3}];

The center function finds the center and radius:

{{1.00544, 2.00315, 2.99887}, 0.998289}

-- Jorma Virtamo

Jorma Virtamo
VTT Information Technology / Telecommunications
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