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Re: mma graphics

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  • Subject: [mg1276] Re: [mg1217] mma graphics
  • From: hannibal at (Ludger Hannibal)
  • Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 03:45:42 -0400

> When I generate .eps files using mathematica and include it in a LaTeX
> document it always appears on a separate page with the legend. This happens
> irrespective of how small I make the picture. I do not face this problem with
> .eps files coming from other sources like gnuplot. At least three of us in this
> department face the problem and none of us know the answer.
> This is what I do and I would appreciate any help with spotting any mistake I
> am making
> Out[]:= -Graphics-
> In[] := Display["filename.raw",%]
> % psfix -epsf filename.raw > filename.eps
> In my LaTeX document: 
> \begin{figure}
> \epsfxsize=4.0in\epsffile{filename.eps}
> \caption[cc]{cc}\label{'c'}
> \end{figure}
> Abbey Perumpanani,
> Mathematical Institute,
> 24 - 29 St Giles', Oxford,
> England.
1) I had also some problem with epsf-files: On IBM/RISC 6000 the bounding box
included is wrong, if you clip the picture to the boundings given,
you get only some enlarged portion of the picture. (The epsf file
made problems when using xfig or ghostview; xfig is a nice tool for
labeling mathematica graphs with anything, even LaTeX formatted in combination
with transfig). 

My workaround for this : replace the wrong  138 138 in
the %%bounding box line by 288 288

a version for Unix: (uses line editor sed for search and replace)

EPSWrite[graph_, file_String]:=
(Display[StringJoin["!rasterps -format eps |
 sed \"s/138 138/288 288/\" > ",file],graph];graph)

2) If this is not relevant for you, try giving the \begin{figure}
explicit  options [htb] etc. This worked in one case where I had 
the same problem.

Yours, Ludger

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