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Few MMA questions - need some help!

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  • Subject: [mg1001] Few MMA questions - need some help!
  • From: pikus at (Fedor G. Pikus)
  • Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 04:38:26 -0400
  • Organization: University of California, Santa Barbara

I need some help to make MMA do the calculation I want to:

1. MMA 2.2 cannot take the following integral:
	Integrate[E^(s t) E^(I wmk t),{t,-Infinity,T}]
even if I write 
	Integrate[E^(s^2 t) E^(I wmk t),{t,-Infinity,T}]
which defines that at -Infinity Exp goes to 0, it still cannot take it.
MMA 2.0 did take this integral, and the one before, where it assumed
positive s. 
The integral with finite limits 
	Integrate[E^(s^2 t) E^(I wmk t),{t,-A,T}]
can be computed, but the limit cannot. What it so difficult about 
limit of E^(s^2 t) at t-> -Infinity?

2. I need to make MMA compute the integrals like this:
	Int[t Sum[f[k],{k,Infinity}],{t,0,1}]
	Int[If[m == n, t, t^2], {t,0,1}]
	If[m == n, 1, 1/2]

I'd appreciate any help.

Fedor Pikus

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