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RE: Re: Writing big files with Mathematica

  • Subject: [mg2522] RE: [mg2499] Re: Writing big files with Mathematica
  • From: jfultz ("John R. Fultz")
  • Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 06:45:04 GMT
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This is a separate issue, but there is an elegant workaround for your
problem.  It is true that reading binary files is slow in Mathematica, but
there is a MathLink package called FastBinaryFiles which completely
duplicates the functionality of the Utilities`BinaryFiles` package, but
does it orders of magnitude faster.  This package is reference number
0206-783 on MathSource.  You will need at least Mathematica 2.2.2
for Windows to run this; if you have 2.2.1 for Windows, you need to

John Fultz
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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>Subject: 	[mg2499] Re: Writing big files with Mathematica


Hello Tanguy,

unfortunately I can't help you with your problem. All I can say is that I
had a similar problem with M. for Windows 2.2:

I tried to read a file of about 128 kB byte by byte. Mathematica read only
about 40 kB and stopped then without complaining. I realized it only
because I wanted to process the data further and about 88 kB of them where



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