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Re: TCP/IP for Win95

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  • Subject: [mg2298] Re: TCP/IP for Win95
  • From: moore.550 at (Todd Moore)
  • Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:41:55 -0400
  • Organization: The Ohio State University

>Did any one know how to install TCP/IP for Windows 95
>if there is n_o network adapter. I need TCP/IP for MathLink
>but I have no network. Every times I try to install a network
>protocol Win95 install a network driver for a non 
>existing card. Than starting the network fails due to
>the missing card and so the installation of TCP/IP fails.
>The Micro$oft support tells me that such strange things are
>not in the range of the support.

>Many Thanks 
>Jens-Peer Kuska

Hi there, this is what tec-support at Wolfram Research mailed me on the 

Wolfram Research, Inc., has released a update which allows Mathematica
version 2.2.3 (and higher) for Windows to run with Windows 95. The update
should work with Mathematica 2.2.2, as well, although we have not rigorously
tested this configuration. No update is required for versions 2.2.1 and
earlier. This update replaces Mathematica's local protocol, and allows
Mathematica to run on a Windows 95 system without the installation of TCP,
which was previously necessary. The update can be obtained from MathSource:

Gopher: (port = 70)
email:		mathsource at

The reference number on MathSource is 0207-841.  If you are using ftp,
the exact paths to the files are:


If you are using a WWW browser, the exact URL's are:


All of this information is also available at the URL:


To install the update:

1) Copy the file MLLCL16.MLL, which you downloaded from MathSource, into
   the Mathematica directory (usually called WNMATH22). Windows 95 will
   ask you to confirm the replacement of the existing MLLCL16.MLL with the
   new one.  Click Yes to confirm the replacement.

2) Run the Mathematica front end (FRONTEND.EXE), but do not do any
   calculations, yet.

3) Under the Options menu, click Kernel. Click the Protocols button, then
   the Add button, then the Browse button. At this point in time, you should
   see a listing of files, including the file MLLCL16.MLL. Choose that file
   and click OK three times until you get back to the Kernel Options dialog

4) Click the Specific Kernel radio button. Then click the Edit button.
   This brings up the Define A Kernel dialog box with the Local kernel.
   Under Link Protocol, choose Local. Click OK to exit the Define A Kernel
   dialog box, then click OK to exit the Kernel Options dialog box.

The protocol is now installed and may be used.

A few notes about the new protocol:

* The new protocol is compatible with Windows 3.1 and Win-OS2 running under
  Warp, as well. For those running a dual or tri-boot system with
  Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 or OS/2, install the protocol under Windows 95,
  and your Windows or Win-OS2 installation of Mathematica should continue to
  work normally.

* The new local protocol will not work under Windows NT. It also does not
  work with the native OS/2 version of Mathematica. For both of those
  versions, you will still need TCP installed.

* 16 and 32 bit MathLink programs should work normally through the updated
  local protocol.

I hope this was clear and helpful.


Alan DeGuzman
Technical Support
Wolfram Research, Inc.

hope this helps
		Todd Moore

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