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Re: Using NIntegrate[] within FindRoot[] ??

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  • Subject: [mg2328] Re: Using NIntegrate[] within FindRoot[] ??
  • From: wagner at (Dave Wagner)
  • Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 02:15:11 -0400
  • Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder

In article <DGvx8w.B2J at>,
Axel Kowald <a_kowald at> wrote:
>Hello everybody
>I like to use NIntegrate with FindRoot as in the following trivial example:
>            FindRoot[NIntegrate[r x,{x,0,3}] == 9, {r,1}]
>That means I want to find the value of "r" for which the integral is equal to 9.
>However, I get the error message:
>                Integrand 1.5 r is not numerical ...
>What am I doing wrong and how am I doing it right ???

You are using FindRoot on an expression whose symbolic derivative with
respect to r cannot be computed.  To get around this problem, give
FindRoot two initial points, rather than one, so that it uses the
secant method of root-finding.

    FindRoot[NIntegrate[r x,{x,0,3}] == 9, {r,1,1.1}]
    {r -> 2.}

		Dave Wagner
		Principia Consulting
		(303) 786-8371
		dbwagner at

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