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  • Subject: [mg2208] Re: Q: ROTATING ANIMATIONS in MMA?
  • From: rdieter at (Rex Dieter)
  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 15:53:25 GMT
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In article <45fl40$2t8 at> ianc at (Ian Collier) writes:
> In article <45d0hg$5tc at>, Zorro <berriz at>  
> > Hi.  I'm trying to produce an animation of a 3-D object to simulate
> > the smooth rotation of the object about the vertical axis.  I came up
> > with
> > 
> >   Table[Show[3DObject, Boxed -> False,
> >   ViewPoint->{ 2 Cos[n 2 Pi/60], 2 Sin[n 2 Pi/60],2 }],
> >   {n, 0, 60}];
> > 
> > This *almost* worked.  The only problem is that Mathematica doesn't

I've done this a bit.  I use another application called Geomview from U.  
Minn's Geometry Center.  It allows for importing of Mathematica (and Maple,  
for that matter) 3D Graphics.  Geomview allows one to rotate, zoom, etc.   
Lot's of fun.

Rex A. Dieter                             rdieter at (NeXT/MIME)
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Department of Mathematics and Statistics  FAX:   (402)472-8466 
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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