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Re: Direction Fields

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  • Subject: [mg2088] Re: Direction Fields
  • From: kluge at ()
  • Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 01:13:49 -0400
  • Organization: Computation Center, University of Texas

nprive at (Nikki Prive ) asks:

  in an attempt to create direction fields ... My textbook says
  I must first type ">>Graphics`PlotField`

  Your problem here is in part do to an incorrect Mathematica syntax.
  The syntax to read in this package is "<<Graphics`PlotField`", with
  <<, not >>.  This produces the error message:
      ">>Graphics`PlotField" cannot be followed by "`".

  However, this still leaves your first problem.  The first error message
  is the result of reading in the package (so I think you had the right
  syntax that time), which defines the function PlotVectorField.  Somehow
  this function has already been defined to Mathematica.  Try to reload the
  Graphics`PlotField` package, with the correct syntax, as the FIRST thing
  you do when you start Mathematica.  If the 

   Warning: Symbol PlotVectorField appears in multiple contexts

  persists, then it is likely that you are preloading the PlotField
  package, i.e. it is loaded automatically for you when Mathematica
  starts.  If this is the case then you can use PlotField without
  having to load any packages.

                        Hope this helps,
                         A. Kluge
                         The University of Texas at Austin

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