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Re: Help: Professional vd student versions of Mma 2.2.3

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  • Subject: [mg4696] Re: Help: Professional vd student versions of Mma 2.2.3
  • From: "P.J. Hinton" <paulh>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 18:23:20 -0400
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Ahmed Maarouf <maarouf at> wrote in article
<innclip4vh2gp$mae at>...

> [ Clipped from: comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica ]
> 	Can somebody help me with the difference between the 
> student and the professional versions of Mma 2.2.3 for 
> windows. Some people say they are EXACTLY the same, 
> others say that the student version doesn't have 
> the same capabilities as the professional one.

The current shipping versions of Mathematica for Windows

	Professional Version:
	Student Version:

There is *NO* difference in kernel functionality in the
Windows version (the opposite is true for the Macintosh).
The student version kernel contains the same library of
built in functions, and it makes full use of the 
processor's capabilities.  You also get the same set of
standard packages which can be used to enhance the 
kernel's abilities.
The differences between the student version and the 
professional version are:

1) Registered users of the professional version get free
   technical support by phone or by e-mail.  Registered
   users of student versions get installation help by
   phone or e-mail, but all other queries must be 
   handled by e-mail.

2) The principal reference for the professional version
   is the second edition of the Mathematica book.  The
   principal reference for the student version is a 
   condensation of the Mathematica book.

3) Access to the Mathematica kernel is password protected
   on both versions.  With the professional version, the
   password is machine independent.  With the student
   version, the password (or registration key) is 
   machine specific, and is seeded with a serial number
   called the MathID.

4) Graphics printed by the student version of the front
   end include a special indicator that the graphic 
   was generated by a student version.

5) Users of student versions cannot subscribe to the 
   MathPlus upgrade program.

6) The student version does not come with the MathLink
   Developer's kit, which enables the user to interface
   the kernel with external programs written in C or
   other languages.  It is supplied at the user's request.

> Another questions is about running Mma under windows 95.
> After installing Mma 2.2.3, and upon the first run, it 
> says that I have to  choose a protocol. I do so and start
> an evaluation. It starts and runs  for ever!, even to 
> calculate 1+1. Moreover, I cannot interrupt it. Can 
> somebody help me with that please?

Check to see if the kernel can run standalone by selecting
Start -> Programs -> Mathematica for Students -> Mathematica
Kernel.  If a window with an In[1]:= prompt comes up, then
its more than likely that you do not have the protocols 
set up correctly. If you cannot get the kernel standalone
window to run, contact Technical Support at
support at  Be sure to include your license 
number (an eight-digit number that appears on your 
Mathematica registration certificate). 

Help for protocol installation is as close as your release 
notes.  Check to see if there is information about 
Compatibility with Windows 95.  If there is, follow the 
instructions printed therein.  If there is no information, 
you may  have a version of Mathematica that predates the 
release of the updated Local protocol for Mathematica.   
To find out how to obtain and install the free patches, 
go to URL:

For additional information on other Windows 95 patches
and workarounds for Mathematica, see URLs:

I hope you find this information helpful, and I hope you
get your copy of Mathematica up and running soon!

P.J. Hinton
Technical Support--Wolfram Research, Inc.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the author alone.


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