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Re: ShowLegend syntax: HELP!!

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  • Subject: [mg3164] Re: ShowLegend syntax: HELP!!
  • From: welter at (Jason Welter)
  • Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 03:02:38 -0500
  • Organization: Texas Instruments
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In article <4fcd0t$9ea at>, fjl0014 at says...
>I'm having a hard time figuring out the syntax for ShowLegend. I have four graphs
>created using LogListPlot. I want to put them together in one plot, with legends
>I read that Technical report on the package, but I'm still unable to do
>what I want to do. 
>I also looked at MultipleListPlot, but I can't get it to give a Log scale or
>a legend. Any help or hints will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in
>-Fernando    fjl at 

Here's some of my code that I used to draw 7 ListPlots in different colors and
create a Legend showing the different colors and plot numbers.



legend1 = {{{Hue[.143,1,1],"1"},{Hue[.286,1,1],"2"},
            {Hue[1,1,1],"7"}},LegendPosition -> {.1,.4},
             LegendOrientation -> Horizontal,
             LegendLabel -> "Structures"};

Show[ListPlot[S11m1,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[.143,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity],
     ListPlot[S11m2,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[.286,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity],
     ListPlot[S11m3,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[.429,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity],
     ListPlot[S11m4,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[.571,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity],
     ListPlot[S11m5,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[.714,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity],
     ListPlot[S11m6,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[.857,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity],
     ListPlot[S11m7,PlotJoined -> True,PlotStyle -> Hue[1,1,1],PlotRange ->               
{{100,20000},{.2,.7}},DisplayFunction -> Identity]],


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