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Re: ShowLegend syntax: HELP!!

  • Subject: [mg3169] Re: ShowLegend syntax: HELP!!
  • From: welter at (Jason Welter)
  • Date: 14 Feb 1996 07:10:34 -0600
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In article <4fcd0t$9ea at>, fjl0014 at 

>Thanks a lot for your response to my post. Your code helped me a great
>deal. But, I have one question. I noticed that you were using
>colors to label your plots. Is it possible to use dashing instead?
>I tried replacing your Hue[] command with Dashing[]. I got an error
>back. It seems that you can only use colors to label your legends and
>not different line styles. Anyway, thanks again...

I havn't used Dashing but I was suprised to know it wasn't working.
On page 172 of the GUIDE TO STANDARD MATHEMATICA PACKAGES an example of
what you want to do is found:

Plot[{Sin[x], Cos[x]}, {x,0,2 Pi},
    PlotStyle -> {GreyLevel[0],GreyLevel[0],Dashing[{.03}]}},
PlotLegend -> {"sin", "cos"},
LegendPosition -> {.5,-.7},
LegendTextSpace -> .5,
LegendLabel -> "Trig Funcs",
LegendLabelSpace -> .5,
LegendOrientation -> Horizontal,
LegendBackground -> GreyLevel[.5],
LegendShadow -> {.1,-.2},
Background -> GrayLevel[.8]]


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