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Re: [Q] How to include PostScript into a mma notebook

  • Subject: [mg3132] Re: [Q] How to include PostScript into a mma notebook
  • From: tlm at (Dr. T. L. Marchioro II)
  • Date: 7 Feb 1996 11:35:54 -0600
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Olivier Michel writes
> I would like to include some external PostScripts drawings into a  
mathematica notebook.
> That is, Postscript produced from Gnuplot or from the Macintosh  
world. The problem
> is that each time I <open special> a Postsript file, set the cell  
type to Graphics and
> evaluate as Postcript, all I get is an error (No memory) and nothing  
> Any hints ? (I use mma both on Unix stations and Mac).

It is unlikely that the notebook is capable of displaying your PS  
code.  Although Mma uses postscript for its graphics, it uses its own  
special dialect and definitions, and the notebook front end is *not* a  
full PS interpreter. Hence, graphics generated by outside programs  
will often not display properly (I've had this experience with Xfig  
graphics many times).  Perhaps someone from WRI can comment on the  
specific case of Mac Gnuplot.

What the notebook usually can do, however, is display bitmapped  
graphics in a variety of formats.  So you will have to convert your  
graphics to a supported bitmapped form (e.g. with the pbmplus  
utilities) and then paste them in.  

I have been told on several occasions that the much heralded "new  
front end" will resolve these problems, just one more reason why so  
many of us continue to wait for its appearance.

Hope this proves helpful --- Tom
Dr. Thomas L. Marchioro II      Two-wheeled theoretical physicist
Applied Mathematical Sciences   515-294-9779
Ames Laboratory                 515-432-9142 (home)
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