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  • Subject: [mg3146] help
  • From: OGLAIZOT at ("NAME \"Olivier Glaizot\"")
  • Date: 7 Feb 1996 05:01:22 -0600
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I have a problem and maybe some of you can help me with it: I use a recursive
function, let say f[x_]:=f[x]=g[f[x-1],y];
with f[0]=0 as a terminal function.
Now within the function g, there is a maximum to be found, something like
Max[f[x-1],{y,0,ysup}] y being a discrete parameter (y=0,1,...ysup)
It is very time consuming, but I know that the discrete function to be
maximized has always a maximum, usually for small values of y. 
Then, my idea was instead of building the whole Table {g[f[x-1],[y1],...
g[f[x-1],ysup], to stop as soon as g decrease again, with a function of the
type While[g[yi]>g[yi-1],i++,temp=g[yi]], so the computation stops as soon as
the function g decreases.
Now the problem is that as it is a recursive function, the While[] is called in
a nested way, and the initial values of i reset each time, at least I think it
is what happens, and the results are of course wrong. Does anyone has a good
idea? Or is it not clear (I'm afraid so...)
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