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Re: Student v. Full version of Mathematica

  • Subject: [mg3300] Re: Student v. Full version of Mathematica
  • From: dwarf at (Dwarf)
  • Date: 25 Feb 1996 16:27:10 -0600
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David Harrison (harrison at wrote:
: In article <4g58r4$rb0 at>,
: Sarah Lonberg-Lew  <sarah at> wrote:

: >I am looking to invest in Mathematica for my home computer and would like 
: >some advice about whether or not to buy the full version.  I was told 
: >that the student version is severly handicapped to the point where it 
: >will not access the math co-processor ...

: That is true.

Um, I have to disagree.  I have no timing benchmarks to back this up, all 
I have are the notes on the box of the student version I purchased two 
months ago:

Version 2.2 For Microsoft Windows

System Requirements-
* Windows 3.1 or greater
* Requires 386 or higher CPU
* Utilizes Numeric coprocessor if available
 . .

And on the back of the box:

What you get
Unlike student versions of other programs, Mathematica for students is a 
full function version of Mathematica.

I am taking a course in the application of Mathematica to problems in 
science and engineering, and I haven't noticed any real timing difference 
between my 486-100 at home and the pentium 90s on campus.

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