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[Q] ExtendGraphics ListSurfacePlot3D inconsistent error

  • Subject: [mg3284] [Q] ExtendGraphics ListSurfacePlot3D inconsistent error
  • From: adbened at ( Alto D. Benedicto)
  • Date: 23 Feb 1996 14:08:55 -0600
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  • Distribution: local
  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
  • Organization: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
  • Sender: daemon at

When two datasets sharing a common boundary were "Union"ed and
Flattened such that it now has the form
   { {x1,y1,z1}, {x2,y2,z2}, {x3,y3,z3}, ... , {x99,y99,z99} }
ListSurfacePlot3D[theabovelist] gave the following error message:
   LinkObject[delaunay, 2, 2]
     is closed; the connection is dead.

Is this error related to the illustrative test example below?

In[1] := AppendTo[$Path, "/usr/local/TWJ_Packages"]
In[2] := <<ExtendGraphics`SurfaceGraphics3D`
In[3] := data1 = Table[{x/100, y/1000., 0.25 x}, {x,-1,2},{y,2,4}]
In[4] := data2 = Table[{x/100, y/1000., 0.25 x}, {x,2,2},{y,2,4}]
In[5] := dataunion = Union[data1, data2]
In[6] := data1flat = Flatten[data1,1]
In[7] := data2flat = Flatten[data2,1]
In[8] := dataunionflat = Flatten[dataunion,1]

Now, ListSurfacePlot3D[data1] gives correct plot while
     ListSurfacePlot3D[data1flat] gives wrong plot (opposite to our
intuition, since syntax for that of data1 is supposedly incorrect).
Curiously, ListSurfacePlot3D[data2flat] resulted in same error
message as my real data, though ListSurfacePlot3D[data2] has no
error message.
     ListSurfacePlot3D[dataunion] is correct while
     ListSurfacePlot3D[dataunionflat] is wrong.

Even stranger,when the limit in data2 is changed to {x,2,4}, the
resultant ListSurfacePlot3D[dataunionflat] is now correct, inspite
of the fact that ListSurfacePlot3D[data1flat] is still wrong.

     The original data2 might result in an error because of {x,2,2}.
But what about the other errors? They don't even seem to be consistent.
And to reiterate, why did my real data give that error message when the
component datasets (also Flatten) making it give correct plots?

     THANK YOU very much in advance for any help suggested.

P.S. IBM RISC 6000 (AIX3.2.5); Mma v2.2; ExtendGraphics (obtained
by ftp "MathSource" last week)installed fine as per p.686 of Mathematica
Graphics; *.tm compiled.  (In my real data, each z arises only from
a particular value of x and y).

Respectfully yours,
Alto Benedicto      adbened at

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