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Re: Simplifying=> Sqrt[Meter^2/Second^2]

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  • Subject: [mg2988] Re: Simplifying=> Sqrt[Meter^2/Second^2]
  • From: ianc (Ian Collier)
  • Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 02:26:20 -0500
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In article <4dksvr$h5q at>, justin at wrote:

> Does anyone know if mathematica can be "taught" that an
> expression of the Sqrt[Meter^2/Second^2] is equivalent to and should
> be simplified to Meter/Second?
> Thanks in Advance
>    Justin at
>    UF Mechanical Engineering

You can use Power Expand to do this.


    PowerExpand[expr] expands nested powers, powers of products,
       logarithms of powers, and logarithms of products.
       PowerExpand[expr, {x1, x2, ...}] expands expr with
       respect to the x1. Use PowerExpand with caution because
       PowerExpand does not pay attention to branch cuts.

    PowerExpand[ Sqrt[Meter^2/Second^2] ]

I hope this helps.


Ian Collier
Technical Sales Support
Wolfram Research, Inc.
tel:(217) 398-0700     fax:(217) 398-0747      ianc at
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