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Re: Setting parts of matrices

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  • Subject: [mg2966] Re: Setting parts of matrices
  • From: espen.haslund at (Espen Haslund)
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 03:09:18 -0500

In article <4cqk0q$ig5 at>, jnygaard at says...
>Can somebody tell me how to set a submatrix of a larger matrix?
>Assume a is a larger matrix than b. I would like to do something
>  a[[Range[i1,i2],Range[j1,j2]]]=b;
>Unfortunately, this does not work, and the Mathematica-book of
>Wolfram doesn't tell me how to do it. It just says that
>  a[[Range...
>is the way to *extract* things from a matrix.
>Jens Olav Nygaard
Hei, Jens,

It appears that no elegant solutions are posted for your problem,
so here is an un-elegant one:

replaceMatrixPart[a_,i1_,j1_,b_] :=
Module[{i2, j2, aa}, 
  aa = a;
  {i2, j2} = {i1, j1} + Dimensions[b] - 1;
  Do[aa[[i, j]] = b[[i-i1+1, j-j1+1]], {i,i1,i2}, {j,j1,j2}];

This replaces part of the matrix a [from (i1, j1) to the extent of b] 
with the elements of the matrix b, 
(note that the original matrix a is kept intact)

This Function is NOT tested for robustness or correctness!
I just made it.



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