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Mma 2.23 and Windows 95

  • Subject: [mg2906] Mma 2.23 and Windows 95
  • From: hasmith at ("Harry A. Smith")
  • Date: 9 Jan 1996 04:33:22 -0600
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  • Distribution: local
  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
  • Organization: Florida State University
  • Sender: mj at

I have just upgraded from the standard version of Mma 2.2 (no 
coprocessor support) to the "enhanced" version for $145. Wolfram told me 
that the standard version was no longer supported. Well I just installed 
the enhanced version expecting improvement in performance. Well guess 
what? The enhanced version is *slower* than the standard version! No 
kidding! The test I use for timing is the following code:
The timing is as follows:
Pentium 75 - 2.8 s
Pentium 120 - 1.9 s

Pentium 120 - 2.8-3.5 s (highly variable)

All timings were run under Win 95 with 16 MB memory with screen 
conditions set to be the same and graphing options se the same.

What gives here - why is my co-processor version slower? I installed the 
Win-95 patch and the system runs well except for the following: (a) I 
cannot interrupt the calculations, (a) Timing doesn't work when I do 
loops anymore - I need this feature to publish my research. 

Did I do something wrong? Can I fix this? Will The version of Mma for 
Win 95 be faster? I am very frustrated - please help if you can.
Harry A. Smith
Professor of Biological Sciences
Tallahassee Community College
hasmith at
"If you're not simulating, you're not stimulating!"

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