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Re: Graphing in Radians

  • Subject: [mg2881] Re: [mg2869] Graphing in Radians
  • From: richard at (Richard Mercer)
  • Date: 4 Jan 1996 03:59:24 -0600
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>  	Hey, I'm trying to graph some trig some trig
>  functions with mathematica. I've been able to
>  graph them, but I can seem to set the x-axis to measure
>  in radian. Anyone know how to do this? 

My package calcE does this automatically when both endpoints are  
multiples of Pi (incl zero), and a simple option (UsePi->{True,False})
does it otherwise.

For example,

will place tick marks at multiples of Pi.

Check out
for an example and further information.

>  Also, does
>  mathematica by any chance able to figure out the period
>  for a function(or the amplitude for that matter).  Thanks
>  in advance.  Jellling

Not really. For an arbitrary function this is no simple matter and I  
don't have any sudden inspirations.

The period of Trig(c x) is (2pi)/c, where Trig is any trigonometric  
function. This covers >=95% of the cases that come up.

Richard Mercer

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