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help with graphics command

  • Subject: [mg2874] help with graphics command
  • From: purswell at (J.P. and/or Valerie Purswell)
  • Date: 2 Jan 1996 05:09:47 -0600
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Dear folks - 

I am trying to plot a sine wave with the middle portion grayed out.  The Plot command seems 
like the way to go, but I can't figure out how to get my rectangle to come out 
in like a GrayLevel[0.5]. (See syntax below)  Is it possible to adjust the 
shade of gray on the rectangle?  I'm working off the example on page 413 of 
the mathematica book. 

If it is not possible to adjust the shade used with this command, can you suggest an
 alternate way?

Plot[Sin[x]*50, {x, 0, 2Pi}, Prolog -> Rectangle[Scaled[{0.02, 0.25} ] , 
	Scaled[{1, 0.75}] ]]

Thanks in advance,  


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