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Re: Two questions regarding command line interface

  • Subject: [mg3064] Re: [mg3051] Two questions regarding command line interface
  • From: tlm at ("Dr. T. L. Marchioro II")
  • Date: 30 Jan 1996 04:51:33 -0600
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I had posted a question about getting graphics on one NeXT to display on
another when using Mathematica from the command line, to which Jeff Brown

[]Use the standard NeXTstep option "-NXHost machinename".
[]localmachine%  mathematica -NXHost remotemachine &
[]You need to set your preferences (within Preferences, UNIX menu)
[] to "Public Windom Server".

thanks much, but I already knew this, and it does not answer my
question.  Let me a be a little more explicit:  I telnet into a machine
that has a rather large amount of RAM, etc. and use Mma from teh command
line to run fairly intensive Mma code.  Every now and then I need to
make a plot or some such, and I would like it to display on the screen
of the machine I am sitting at, which also happens to be a NeXT.  I
*could* run the notebook front end on the local machine using -NXHost,
but prefer not to because that is network intensive and the local net
occasionally is pretty bogged.  If I try Jeff's suggestion I get
(using my two machines, Dirac and Feynman, with me sitting at Feynman
and using Mma on Dirac)

dirac> math -NXHost feynman

In[1]:= 2+2

Out[1]= 4
(*  So Mma is running on Dirac *)

In[2]:= Plot[Cos[x], {x, -5, 5}]

Out[2]= -Graphics-

(* But no graphics appear on Feynman's console *)

In[3]:= !ls /tmp  console.log
OmniWeb              nuc_log
(* The .ps file does exist in Dirac's /tmp directory, and I can FTP it
to Feynman and view it there  *)

However, what I would like is to have the graphic show up directly on
Feynman, just as it would were I using an XWindows machine, where Mma
uses the DISPLAY environmental variable to send the rasterized graphics
to the screen.  Is there some sort of easy way to make this happen, or
do I really have to FTP the postscript file over?

Thanks also to Preston Nichols, who was kind enough to mail me a copy of
FEP for the NeXT.


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