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Re: Re: Re: NIntegrate

  • Subject: [mg3049] Re: [mg3008] Re: [mg2987] Re: NIntegrate
  • From: immtwg at (Torben Winther Graversen)
  • Date: 28 Jan 1996 10:51:48 -0600
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CHAN MUN CHOONG (sci20312 at wrote:


:   Actually NIntegrate uses the adaptive Gauss quadrature method called 
: Gauss Kronrod points. At least that's what wri told me the last time.
: Can be very sure that it's better than Simpson's Rule.

On MathSource I searched on ""NIntegrate" and found two interesting documents:

"The N Functions of Mathematica"


"Numerical Computation with Mathematica"

They explain quite a few things on NIntegrate (and other routines) that
isn't covered in the Mathematica book, such as, that NIntegrate in fact 
uses the mentioned Gauss Kronrod method.

Best regards,

  Torben Winther Graversen

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