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Re: NIntegrate

  • Subject: [mg2993] Re: NIntegrate
  • From: wagner at bullwinkle.cs.Colorado.EDU (Dave Wagner)
  • Date: 19 Jan 1996 12:45:57 -0600
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In article <4dkst6$gr0 at>,
Drib  <Ian.Barringer at> wrote:
>	Could someone offer an indepth explaination about how
>NIntegrate achieves its results. I am currently using it to obtain
>some numerics for a comparison with results I have obtained analytically
>in my research. I feel I should know how they are obtained before
>relying on them.
>All donations gratefully received

This isn't free, but you should buy a copy of "Selected Tutorial
Notes" from Wolfram Research.  There is about an 80-page article
about the numerical functions (NIntegrate, NSum, FindRoot, etc).
Plus many other interesting articles.  Money well spent.

You may be able to find individual articles by searching MathSource.

		Dave Wagner
		Principia Consulting
		(303) 786-8371
		dbwagner at

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