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Help!! Kernel shutting down(pc)

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  • Subject: [mg4419] Help!! Kernel shutting down(pc)
  • From: Yoon Dae-ki <bluesky at>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 23:39:19 -0400
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

I am trying to perform the following
program in Win3.1 (I set the kernel into
12Mb)but I can't .
,with error message "kernel shutting down
out of memory"
I checked the memory using MemoryInUse[],
but i have no way to treat this situation.
I don't understand the process of
Mathematica in handling the memory.
I guess the Mathematica seems to reserve
previous memory other than C-language.(I
don't know well)

How can I complete my program?
Does anyone have some ideas ?
Thanks in advance.

(* This program have to iterate at least
50 times *)
n = 60;
phi1 = Table[N[0.01 - Exp[-10*(x^2 +

sigma = 275.625;
gaussdata =
{Do[ If[N[phi1[[i,j]]] >=0, u[i,j]=1,
u1 = Table[N[u[i,j]],{i,1,n+1},{j,1,n+1}];
Au1 = InverseFourier[Fourier[u1]*Fourier[gaussdata]];
Bu1 = Au1 - gaussdata;
AAu1 = InverseFourier[Fourier[Bu1]*Fourier[gaussdata]];

Do[dx[i,j]= (phi1[[i+1,j]] -
phi1[[i-1,j]])/(2*h), {j,1,n+1}, {i,2,n}];
Do[dy[i,j]= (phi1[[i,j+1]] -
phi1[[i,j-1]])/(2*h), {i,1,n+1}, {j,2,n}];
Do[dx[1,j]= dx[2,j]; dx[n+1,j]= dx[n,j],
Do[dy[i,1]= dy[i,2]; dy[i,n+1]= dy[i,n],

gradphi1 =Table[{dx[i,j],dy[i,j]},{i,1,n+1},{j,1,n+1}];
delphi1 = AAu1 gradphi1 ;

gradphi1 =Table[{dx[i,j],dy[i,j]},{i,1,n+1},{j,1,n+1}];
delphi1 = AAu1 gradphi1 ;
phi1 = phi1 + delphi1 ;

Dae-Ki Yoon,
Department of Mathmatics, Korea University
Anam Dong 5-ga Sungbuk Gu Seoul, KOREA 
E-mail : dkyoon at
         dkyoon at


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