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Newsgroup Rules and Administration

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg4250] Newsgroup Rules and Administration
  • From: steve at (Steve Christensen)
  • Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 03:07:42 -0400
  • Organization: Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc and MathSolutions, Inc.
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[NOTE:  I will be moving offices from June 29 - July 3 and during
some of that time my link to the Internet might be down.  I hope
this will only be for a few hours. - moderator]

I will be posting the following newsgroup moderation rules periodically
from now on.  Please read them carefully, there are additions and

Please note that my web page at

has most of these rules and can also direct you to Wolfram
Research archives of the newsgroup posts which have been collected
for several years.


Steve Christensen
steve at


Some NewGroup/MathGroup Rules:

These rules apply to both the newsgroup comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica
and to the MathGroup mailing list.

The newsgroup and mailing list are moderated.  I read every post
and they do not go out until I have read them.  I filter out about
25% of the posts and send them elsewhere or answer them myself.

Posts to the mailing list go to mathgroup at or mathgroup at
If you do not know how to post to the moderated newsgroup or your site does
not have the newsgroup, pressure your system adminstrator to add it.


The newsgroup and mailing list receive the SAME information.  If you do
not like getting about 20 emails a day, read the newsgroup and do not
join the mailing list.  If you can read the newsgroup, please ask
to be taken off the mailing list.  It will lower the load on my

I DO NOT accept flames or non-constructive critical email.  I will
simply not post such mail.  Try to obey the net etiquette.

I will not post bug reports unless you have already sent them to
Wolfram Research and not heard anything for a month or so.  Be sure
that what you are sending is a bug and not your ignorance of
Mathematica.  Read the manuals and books first.  Nine out of ten bug
reports I have seen are not bugs.

I will generally NOT post comparisons of Mathematica and other systems.
Questions like "System X can do this calculation and I want to be
able to do it in Mathematica.  How can this be done?" can be submitted.
Basically, I don't want to post general discussions of computer algebra
systems which are more appropriate for other newsgroups.
Some of you are using strange editors that leave control characters
in your posts.  Please try to avoid this.  I have to edit them out
for the posts to be readable.

Questions about when the next version of Mathematica will be coming out
will not be posted.  Contact Wolfram Research.  If you want to post
something about a future release, make sure you are not violating
any non-disclosure agreements and that what you are posting is accurate.
When in doubt, ask your Wolfram Research beta testing contact.

I will accept Mathematica related commercial announcements so long as
they are short and don't contain too much hype.

General mathematics questions should be posted to sci.math or

Please do not post a message more than once.  If you do not
see your post one week after you sent it, email me.  Mail goes
out once or twice a day unless my machine or network link is down.

I will not post mail asking where to get Mathematica.  Contact Wolfram
Research, info at, for that.

When you are having trouble with some Mathematica function or program,
post as much information as you have - like the full session where the
problem occurred - so that it is easier to find the problem.

If your copy of Mathematica is not registered - do it!

The funny [mg....] label in the Subject line of messages is the number
of the post for the MathGroup mailing list readers.

If you have done some interesting work that might be of value to
others, let us know and consider sending it to MathSource.

Do not send mail to sci.math.symbolic on the net also.  You are likely
to get much better help from MathGroup and without all the flames that
can appear in that newsgroup. 

If you get error messages from a site on the net, send the entire
message to me so that I can delete the offending site.  My setup tries
to avoid bounced mail, but it still happens.

Make sure you subscribe by sending a valid email address.  If your mail
receiving machine is down a lot it is likely that your address will be
removed.  If you wish to unsubscribe, make sure you send the address
that you used to subscribe.

MathGroup is not a list server.  Vague messages like "help" or
"subscribe" are not sufficient.  The list is not automated, so when you
send a message it is read by a "human" - me.  Make sure your message is

If you receive useful information from members of the list to questions
you post, summarize it and send the summary back to the group for

These efforts are supported by Wolfram Research, Sun Microsystems,
MathSolutions, Inc. and Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc.
free of charge.  You can assist in this effort by purchases of our
software, telling others of our good works, and by helping your fellow
Mathematica users with advise and assistance.  If the assistance you
get is valuable in your work, please acknowledge this effort.


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