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Re: Numerical Differentiation

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  • Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 03:53:04 -0400
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I have needed to perform numerical differentiation as well.  The following 
function, which finds the derivative with respect to f[t] at point t0 is 
the best I could do.  It gets a little more precision over the regular 
definition by defining the derivative slightly differently, and it takes 
advantage of Mathematica's arbitrary precision.  I'd love any suggestions 
or critique, as this function is actually a cornerstone of some work I'm 
doing.  There's more info on numerical differentiation in the book 
_Numerical Recipes in C_

ND[f_, t_, t0_, prec_:$MachinePrecision] :=
   With[{h=1/(2 10^(prec-6)), t0p=SetPrecision[t0,prec]},
   N[((f /. t->(t0p+h)) - (f /. t->(t0p=h)))/(2 h), prec]]

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