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Re: Wireframes

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  • Subject: [mg4279] Re: Wireframes
  • From: vvs124 at (Victoria.Steblina) (Victoria Steblina)
  • Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 03:53:25 -0400
  • Organization: Optical Sciences Centre, ANU
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>I would like to take a Stack of 2D outlined sections and create a 3D 
>wireframe.  Does anyone know if there is an already existing program 
>or algorithm that will help.

Try StackGraphics:

In[47]:= Needs["Graphics`Graphics3D`"]

In[48]:= ?StackGraphics

StackGraphics[{g1, g2, ...}] generates a Graphics3D object
to a "stack" of two-dimensional graphics objects.

Gaussian pulse as an example:

In[49]:= f[x_, y_] := Exp[-(x-y)^2/4]

The following function defines 2D sections and labels them:

In[50]:= section[y_] := Show[Plot[ f[x,y], {x, -10, 15}, 
                        PlotRange -> All, DisplayFunction->Identity],
                        Graphics[Text["y = "<> ToString @ y,{17, 0}]],

StackGraphics displays corresponding to different y sections together:

In[51]:= Show[
             	StackGraphics[Table[section[y], {y,0,10,2}]], 
	             PlotRange -> All, BoxRatios -> {1,1,0.5},Boxed -> False,
             	Axes -> {Automatic, None, Automatic},
             	AxesLabel -> {"x ","","f"},
             	DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction]

Out[52]= -Graphics3D-



 Victoria Steblina       
 vvs124 at
 Optical Sciences Centre                
 Australian National University        


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