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Re: Constant term in polynomial?

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  • Subject: [mg3367] Re: Constant term in polynomial?
  • From: wagner at bullwinkle.cs.Colorado.EDU (Dave Wagner)
  • Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 04:13:17 -0500
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In article <4gro41$1d6 at>,
Ronald Bruck <bruck at> wrote:
>In article <4gmhdc$gmv at>, bruck at (Ronald
>Bruck) wrote:
>:Arrgh, I feel stupid asking this question, but I can't think how to do it:
>:how do I find the constant term in a polynomial in several variables in
>:Mathematica?  For example, the "7" in 7 + 3 x y + y^2 ?
>... So I ended up implementing
>it as follows:
>ConstantCoefficient[poly_] := Module[{c},
>   If[Head[poly] === Plus,
>      c = First[poly];
>      If[Variables[c] == {}, Return[c], Return[0]],
>   (* else head != plus *)
>      If[Variables[poly] == {}, Return[poly], Return[0]]
>   ]

Why don't you use the pattern matcher to check for the head Plus?

ConstantCoefficient[poly_Plus] :=
	With[{c = First[poly]}, If[NumberQ[N[c]], c, 0]]

>This won't recognize E + x as having constant term E, but fortunately my
>polynomials all have rational coefficients.

The method given above works for E+x.  It won't work for E + 1 + x,
however.  But the following does:

ConstantCoefficient[poly_Plus] :=
	Select[poly, NumberQ[N[#]]&]

Select works on expressions wtih any head, not just list.
What should happen here is that the level-1 parts of the Plus that
are numeric will be returned, _wrapped_in_Plus_:

    ConstantCoefficient[E^2 + Pi + Sqrt[7]x + Sqrt[5]]
    Sqrt[5] + E  + Pi

>Someone e-mailed me a suggestion to use  poly /. x_^e_ -> 0.  This almost
>works (it doesn't recognize the x in  7 + x  as a power of x); it does
>seem rather dangerous to apply the rule x_ -> 0!  

Indeed, the polynomial I used as an example above will break this technique.

		Dave Wagner
		Principia Consulting
		(303) 786-8371
		dbwagner at


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