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HELP with ListPlotVectorField[]

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  • Subject: [mg4869] HELP with ListPlotVectorField[]
  • From: dave at
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 22:42:23 -0400
  • Organization: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, US
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About a week or two ago I posted a similar problem, so please read through or ignore upon your interest!

I need help with ListPlotVectorField[] or recreating a variation of it.

What I would ideally like is to have options to ListPlotVectorField[] that are a list that can vary the radius of a circle drawn around the head of each vector arrow head.   Also I'd like an option that would be a list that could vary the grayscale or color of each vector.

What I'm doing is summing many vector fields and I would like the radius of the circles to represent the standard deviation of that particular vectors elements.

something like (please forgive the ASCII graphics)

                             (  ^ )
                              /           ------
                            /         (      ^       )
                          /                    \
                        /                        \
                      /                            \

What I've tried is something like this:
vectorMatrix = {};
       g = {
                Arrow[{x,y}, {x2,y2}],
                Line[{{x,y}, {x2, y2}}],
                GrayLevel[sd[[x]][[j]] ],
                Circle[{x2,y2}, sd[[x]][[y]] ]
        vectorMatrix = Append[vectorMatrix, g];
        ,{x, 1, noColumns}, {y, 1, noRows}]

Unfortunately the visual look is not correct and that's where I'd like some help.  {x2,y2} are a value that represents a vector (x,y) whose origin is at (0,0).  

I have a web page set up with the actual Mma code at
I know my code is terrible so please resist the temptation to slam me.  I am not very familiar with Mma programming particularly with its graphics primitives so please HELP!!!!!

Thank's in advance,

David A. Johnson


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