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Re: differential equation

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 01:12:44 -0400
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In article <51c4mm$9no at>,
   Ralph Gensheimer <ralphg at> wrote:
->dear group,
->i have the folowing problem:
->in an ordinary differential equation system,
->(solution functions are  y1(r), y2(r), y3(r) ) is an integration in 
another variable x.
->and in this integral there is also the solution function y3(r).
->r and x are independent.
->the problem has the following structure:
->NDSolve[{y1'[r] == y2[r],
->         y2'[r] == -(2/r)*y2[r]+
->         y1[r]*y3'[r] == y2[r],
->                                 y1[0.001]==-1000,
->                                 y2[0.001]==0,
->                                 y3[0.001]==0 },{y1,y2,y3},{r,0.001,0.2}]
->can you give me ideas to solve this problem ?

Maybe a successive approximation approach?  Replace the instance of y3[r] 
in the integrand (only) with a new function y4[r].  Initially define 
y4[r_]:=0.  Run NDSolve (still solving only for y1, y2 and y3).  Redefine 
y4[r_]:= y3[r].  Iterate ad nauseum, and hope it converges?

Caveat:  I don't do differential equations, so I have no idea if this will 
in fact converge.  It might just be a new way to waste cpu cycles.

-- Paul

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