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Setting a prettier table

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  • Subject: [mg8368] Setting a prettier table
  • From: "Steven T. Hatton" <hattons at>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 02:23:05 -0400
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The following input copied over from Mma 3.0 is almost readable in ASCII
form.  I, therefore, don't feel too bad about posting it.  This is
related to my earlier posting about truth tables.  There is was
referring to strictly textual generation of the tables.  Here I have
come up with a way to automate the generation of the table.  I don't
like the format of the output.  The words don't line up nicely.  Is
there a way to use the GridBox command to make this prettier?  The input
is a bit ugly.  I would be greatful to anyone who could give some
suggestions on how to make this more elegent as well.

X ={True,False};
T=(((x \[Element] A) \[And] (x \[Element] B)) \[Implies] (x \[Element]
    \[And] ((x \[Element] A)
        \[Implies] ((x \[Element] B ) \[And] (x \[Element] A)));
 prop1[a_,b_]:=T /.{x \[Element] A->X[[a]], x \[Element] B ->X[[b]]};
 TableForm[Table[{X[[a]],X[[b]], prop1[a,b]},{a,1,2}, {b,1,2}],
  TableDirections->{Column,Column,Row}, TableSpacing->{0,0,5},
  TableHeadings->{None,None,{x \[Element] A,x \[Element] B, prop1}}]

"I don't need Metaphysics to do my Physics"  - Steven Weinberg

"Every man has his Kant"  - Albert Einstein

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