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Re: A quick question

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  • From: sergio at (Sergio Rojas)
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 15:35:35 -0400
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    Another alternative is:

       x = x /. FindMinimum[x^2,{x,-5}][[2]]

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Tony NICOLAS (Tony.Nicolas at wrote:
: In article <5pv1q6$ig1 at>, Chen-Ying Huang
: <huang3 at> wrote:

: > Hi there:
: >   I am a grad student and I am using Mathematica to solve an
: > international trade model. My question is that since I need to do some
: > nonlinear optimization, so I used the command "FindMinimum". The problem
: > is that Mathematica reported it without assigning the value to the
: > variable. For example, say if I want to FindMinimum of the function
: > f=x^2, then the result I get is {0,{x->0}. But that is not enough for me
: > since I want the value 0 to be restored in x, that is I want to have 0
: > assigned to the variable x after I run the command "FindMinimum" because
: > I need to use this value of x to do more calculations. Since I need to
: > repeat this in a loop, I cannot do it manually. Is there someone who can
: > help me with this? I really appreciate any help and please give me
: > answers as soon as possible. I really need to do this, otherwise my
: > advisor will think that I am just shirking.
: >    Thank you, whoever you are!
: > Chen-Ying Huang
: > e-mail: chuang at

: Evrey object in Mathematica is a list. So if you want give the value of x,
: you must write:
: an example
:    a=FindMinimum[x^2,{x,-5}]
:    x=a[[2,1]][[2]]

: Tony

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