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2-D Graphics Options

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  • Subject: [mg7757] 2-D Graphics Options
  • From: justin1 at (Justin M. Steadham)
  • Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 04:41:27 -0400
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Hello all!!
	I'm looking for info from users that have suffered the pain of
creating publication quality graphics using MMA.  Now I know that MMA
is the graphics King but I'm just a humble guy who wants to label his
plots using FrameLabels.  The problem is, I can't get MMA to keep the
font spacing correct.  Basically, I'm using the MultipleListPlot
function from the Graphics`MultipleListPlot package and working with
the various options to create the look I want.  The code segement
below is the main problem.

Here are the options that are giving my trouble.  The plot also has a
legend but I left this stuff out.
	FontForm["A plot title",{"Helvetica",10}],
	FontForm["Evaporator Temperature, Te[deg C]",{"Helvetica",9}],
	FontForm["Compressor      work,    Wc[kW]",{"Helvetica",9}]

After plotting with DisplayFunction-Identity, I then display the
graphic using


Notice the spacing in the y-axes frame label, "Compressor     work,
Wc[kW]".  If I don't use this spacing, the resulting label reads
"Compressorwork,Wc[kW]" which looks bad.

1.  How do I get the y-axes frame label to display properly?

2.  Why is the resulting graphic twice as large as the displayed area?
i.e., If you select the plot with the mouse, you see the graphic is
much larger than the displayed area?

Thanks for any input/advice.

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