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Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers

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  • Subject: [mg7633] Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers
  • From: Karl Unterkofler <karl at>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 16:16:06 -0400 (EDT)
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 ''Comparison of Mathematica on Various Computers''
is now on <a href="";>
(or <a href="";>)

If you don't have access to the Web send e-mail to
karl at for the latest version.

MMA 2.2 benchmark on
MMA 3.0 benchmark on

 New results MMA 3.0:

 PowerMac 8600, (200MHz 604e), 1Mb L2 cache, 96MB RAM, MacOS 7.6.1
 PowerCenterPro 180 (180Mhz 604e) 1 Mb L2 cache, 32Mb, MacOS 7.6.1
 PowerMacintosh 8500/150 (150Mhz 604e) 512KB cache, 64Mb, MacOS 7.6.1
 SUN Ultra 1, 200MHz, 196MB RAM
 HP 9000/730
 HP9000/700/J280 (PA-RISC 8000), 180MHz, 512MB
 Silicon Graphics Indigo^2 MaximumImpact R10000/195Mhz, 256MB, OS: IRIX 6.2
MMA 3.01: Millenia Pro Plus, 200 MHz, 256k Cache, 128MB,  Windows NT 4.0
 PowerCenterPro 210 (210 Mhz 604e), 32MB, 1MB L2, MacOS 7.6.1<br>
NetPower Symetra2, DUAL 266MHz Pentium II, 128M RAM, Windows NT 4.0
 SGI O2 R5000/180MHz, 64MB, IRIX6.3
 SGI Indigo^2 SolidImpack R1000/195MHz, 320MB, IRIX6.2
 SGI Challenge L 4xR10K/196MHz, 1GB, IRIX6.2
 Gateway G6-200 PPro 200/256K L2, 96MB, Linux 2.0.29
 SGI Origin2000 8xR10000/195MHz, 4M L2, 2x256MB, 1GB, IRIX6.4
 PowerCenter Pro 210 (210MHz 604e), 32MB, 1M L2 Cache, MacOS 7.6
 Sun, Ultra 1 Model 170, CPU Model 170 UltraSPARC (167MHz), 64MB RAM,
Solaris 2.5.1
 Sun, SuperCOMPstation 20S, CPU 2x hyperSPARC 125MHz, 64MB RAM, Solaris 2.5
 Sun, SPARCstation 20 Model 60, CPU 60MHZ Model 61 SuperSPARC SPARCmodule,
64MB RAM, Solaris 2.5
 AMD K5-100, MB noname Triton, 256kB cache,  32MB RAM, Linux 2.0.30

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