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Re: using indexed variables in MultiplierMethod[ ], etc.

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  • Subject: [mg7684] Re: [mg7662] using indexed variables in MultiplierMethod[ ], etc.
  • From: Richard Finley <trfin at>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 22:17:19 -0400 (EDT)
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This is one way that should work:


will convert your u[i] expressions to ui, that is u[2] will be changed to u2.

Hope that helps.

At 01:36 AM 6/26/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm not serious programmer in Mma, so please excuse me if this is question is 
>not stated as clearly as it could be. 
>My problem is that I wish to use a Mma package called MultiplierMethod.m which 
>implements a version of Kuhn-Tucker constrained optimization. The package 
>defines the function MultiplierMethod[] as follows:
>"MultiplierMethod[f,g,h,x,x0] finds a local solution to a minimization \
>problem where:  f is the criterion to be minimized, g is the list (possibly \
>empty) of equality constraints, h is the list (possibly empty) of inequality \
>constraints of the form  h(x) <= 0, x = {x1,x2,...} is a generic list of the \
>variables, x0 is an initial vector  for x. It returns a list {f*,{x1 -> x1*, \
>etc.}} like FindMinimum.  With the option DualParameter -> True it can also \
>provide information on  feasibility and Lagrange and/or Karush Kuhn & Tucker \
>Here's my problem:  I'd like to use constraint lists such as 
>{u[2]-2*u[1]+u[0],u[3]-2*u[2]+u[1],...} which are easily constructed using 
>Table[], but the MultiplierMehtod package will not accept u[0], u[1], [2],
>as variables.  It will except u0, u1, u2, etc. as variables, however.  Is
>a simple way to get indexed variables such as u[i] to be accepted by packages 
>such as MultiplierMethod?
>I've already spent an afternoon working on this.  Many thanks to anyone who

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