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Fwd: strings & expressions in Module

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  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 01:29:06 -0500
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Either of the following:

Module[{y = 99}, Evaluate[ToExpression["y"]]]


Module[{y}, y = 99; Evaluate[ToExpression[
    "y$" <> ToString[$ModuleNumber-1]]]]

Forwarded message:
From:	murray at (Murray Eisenberg)
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To:	mathgroup at

Naively, I expect the following, when evaluated, to return result 99:

   y = 99;
   Evaluate at ToExpression["y"]

But it doesn't; instead, it returns:


I suspect the problem is that, inside the Module, y is not really y
but rather y$1 or some symbol of the kind.  How can I modify the
string "y" so that, in fact, the result returned is the value 99
stored into y?

(Yes, this likes a strange thing to do: assign a value to a symbol
inside a Module and then try to refer to the symbol indirectly by a
string giving its name.  There's a good reason I want to do this!)

  Murray Eisenberg                       Internet:  murray at
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  University of Massachusetts                       413-549-1020 (H)
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