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Re: Graphics`Graphics3D`Shadow

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  • Subject: [mg7109] Re: [mg7092] Graphics`Graphics3D`Shadow
  • From: Fabian Haas <b5hafa at>
  • Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 02:57:10 -0400 (EDT)
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>Hi MathGroupers,
>The Shadow command in the standard add-on package Graphics`Graphics3D`
>allows you to do a 3D plot with projections onto the co-ordinate planes.
>I would like to do the following:
>(1) Color the plot and the projections differently so as to distinguish
>    them, and
>(2) Project the plot onto different planes.
>Can anybody help me?
>Thanks a lot.

Well, yes, there is a non documented option allowing you to choose the plane of projection. Try to unveil it with ??Shadow, or Options / Full options or look it up in the Package itself.
I dont know about different colors but I assumes it works like PlotStyle options or so.

My experience with Shadow are not that good, it is surprisingly slow. You might try this

k = Line[ {{a,b,c}, {...}   }];
projectionk =  Line[ {{a,b,c}, {...}   }]/.{x_, y_, z_}->{x, y, 0}

Show[ Graphics3D[ {k, projectionk}]]

That is much faster and now you can easily choose intto which plane you project. Also you can exchange the 0 by some differnt value, found by Min, Max or arbitrarily chosen.
But watch out if you Line consists of three points, then the replacement rule is applied wrongly.


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