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AW: StyleForm, and other bugs...

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  • Subject: [mg7290] AW: [mg7231] StyleForm, and other bugs...
  • From: Buttgereit <Buttgereit at>
  • Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 09:19:45 -0400 (EDT)
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Well I must say - I feel about the same, especially concerning the graphics
I would _really_ appreciate if things would work as they are advertised and
shown in "The Book".
Having to live on the Windoze platform I would also be happy with a way to
get Mathematica graphics into Corel or Winword as they appear in the
Frontend. It didn't work in 2.2 - it doesn't in version 3. I will ask Santa
this year.
No complains from my side concerning the support, though. I can't say I
have to wait often - on the other hand: what shall they tell you if things
just don't work. "We know about the problem... fixed in the next
Allow a bad word: Will we - as paying beta-testers - get that fixed version
for free?
It is really annoying. But what would I do without Mma? I would have to
program in C or Fortran with additional third party libraries. And probably
have the same problems (concerning my programming skills: much worse).
So what's left? We'll certainly keep "working around" for the rest of our
Good luck with yours,

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From: F Renard <renard at>
Subject:  [mg7231] StyleForm, and other bugs...
Organization: CEA Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France.


I sent the following message to the MMA support on 9 April 1997,
 then on 18 April, but it seems to have been totally ignored...

So, I'm trying to obtain some information via the newsgroup...

In fact, using MMA 3.0 for two months (on SUN/Solaris platform),
 I can't say that I'm very happy to have that new version,
 and the most terrible thing is the discovering
 that the Notebook-version is VERY MUCH SLOWER than the text-based one

The functions Input[] and InputString[] don't seem to work correctly too
 (in the notebook-version) : they don't accept any answer that I enter
 in the window.

There is a problem with the Printing Options too : I can't select
 the A4 Letter format (instead of the US Letter). 

and so on...

Thank you in advance for any answer to any of these problems ...

Francois RENARD
CEA Limeil-Valenton
94195 Villeneuve St Georges cedex
renard at

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>From: F Renard <renard>
To: mathgroup at
>Subject: [mg7290] StyleForm

Dear Sir,

I have the following problem with the new version of Mathematica :

Using the text-based interface to Mathematica 3.0, I can no more obtain
different styles than the $DefaultFont style : the examples on pages 538
or 540
of the Mathematica (3.0) Book do not work correctly :

Plot[Sin[x], {x,0,5}, PlotLabel->StyleForm["SINUS", FontSize->18,

does not give a plot with a label of size 18 and of weight "Bold" !

(In Mathematica 2.2, I used PlotLabel->FontForm["SINUS",
{"Courier-Bold", 18}] that
 does not work any more)

If I use the standard Mathematica notebook front end, I can obtain some
 different styles ("Times", "Bold", 18 for example) but not all 
("Courier", "Bold", 18 is not "Bold" !)

What can be wrong ?

Thank you in advance

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