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Re: Pasting equations into word etc

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  • Subject: [mg8903] Re: [mg8881] Pasting equations into word etc
  • From: Luci Ellis <elisha at>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 22:56:55 -0400
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There are several options to do this: the most reliable is the "Save
Selection As..." menu command and then import this using "Insert->Picture"
in Word. I find either PICT (Mac only) and EPS give satisfactory results,
although they look different.  Don't use the "PICT with embedded EPS"
option, it's given me funny results, nor the Bitmap PICT, because that just
looks like a screenshot. I don't know if the Windows version of Mma does
WMFs, but if it does, you could try that, too.

There is also the "Copy as.." menu command, and again using PICT or EPS as
the selected formats but I find it a bit clunky, sometimes it just doesn't
"paste" into Word.

Also, you will have to download the custom Mathematica fonts to your
printer, and make sure that your fonts and psrender are the most
up-to-date. Wolfram has more info at:
and presumably similar URLs for other platforms.

I have written a document in the form Mma notebook that goes into the
various options and methods for doing this in more detail, which I will
gladly send to you if you would like it. (but later, it's at work)

>Hello All,
>Can anyone tell me if there is a way of getting nice formatted equations
>into word (from MMA 3.0). If I simply copy and paste equations, they
>look OK at first, but if you double click them or otherwise alter them,
>they go all pear shaped, and all the fonts become oversized and dodgy.
>Also, just copying equations as text, (or other) usually results in
>///rubbish//Box//more//rubbish//3*Exp[-x^2]//more rubbish
>etc etc - there must be something wrong with this behaviour, you cant
>just get the text out ....sigh...
>John B
>SPAM tastes yummy, but I've had too much lately.
>Please note doctored reply-to address.

Luci Ellis:  elisha at

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