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[Fwd: Subscripts??]

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 01:59:35 -0400
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Hi Gadi Oron,

The easy answer to the question you ask below is to download the latest
version of Notation from

Basically the error message was meant to be analogous to the error message
one gets about the spelling of variable names. E.g. if one enters


you will get the message

    "Possible spelling error: new symbol name ytemp is similar to
existing symbol xtemp."

This is what I had originally modeled my error message on, however there
was too much confusion about this among users so I dropped it in later
versions. (Possibly I should have had a more detailed error message). Note
this change was included was included in Mathematica 3.0.1.



>First I would like to thank all of those who helped me with my questions
>before (Union and Precision) It helped me alot.
>So now for the new question: How to use Subscripts??
>Subscripts are a very nice and practical idea but gives me some hard time.
>1. Subscript[A,1] // N  gives  Subscript[A,1.]  :((
>Or:  Subscript[A,E] // N gives Subscript[A,2.7...]
>2. Giving N[Subscript[a_,n_Integer]]:=Subscript[a,n] Does not work.
>3. So you tell me I should use the Utilities`Notation` package, here we
>Symbolize[A_1]   << Ok put here a subscript.
>But now:
>gives :
>"Warning: The box structure attempting to be symbolized has a similar
>or \ identical symbol already defined, possibly overriding previously
>symbolized \ box structure."
>And effectively if you try and use these kind of variables together you
>will have some really hard time (some would be undefined).
>So how do I get out of all this??

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