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Re: Is there a 3.01 student version?

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  • Subject: [mg10723] Re: Is there a 3.01 student version?
  • From: "P.J. Hinton" <>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 00:44:18 -0500
  • Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
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On 30 Jan 1998, Soupboy1 wrote:

> >Hello.  I have had student version of 3.01 for a few months
> >now (Win95). I bought 3.00, but the program was always
> >crashing my computer.  So, I returned the program.
> >Version 3.01 seems to be much more reliable, although
> >not totally reliable. The fact that this version runs at
> >all is the big advantage for me.
> What are the differences between the student versions, the teacher
> versions, and the full versions of Mathematica?  For some reason, I can
> never access the Wolfram website (it just says "... contacted, waiting
> for reply.").

Here is a text rendition of the content of that webpage.

   The main differences between Student and the Professional version of
   Mathematica are in price (the Student version is a lot cheaper),
   licensing (you must be enrolled as a full-time student to legally use
   the Student version), and other features that do not affect the
   The only differences in the software itself are:
     * The MathLink Developer's Kit is not included with the Student
       version. You can still use MathLink applications, but you will
       need to get the MathLink Developer's Kit if you want to write
       MathLink applications of your own. Technical support is not
       available for MathLink developement.
     * There are several differences which identify the software as a
       Student version. For example, the value of $Version is different,
       the startup screen is different, and in printed output, the text
       "Mathematica for Students" is displayed at the bottom of every
   Outside of the software itself, there are several other important
   differences between Student and the Professional version of
     * The Student version can only be used legally by full-time
       students, and can only be used on a single computer.
     * Printed versions of the books The Mathematica Book, Third Edition
       and Mathematica 3.0 Standard Package Guide are not included.
       (Electronic versions of these books are included in the Help
     * Technical support for non-installation questions is available via
       the moderated Student Support Forum.
P.J. Hinton
Mathematica Programming Group  Wolfram
Research, Inc.        
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are those of the author alone.

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