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set manipulation

Hello everyone,
   I have a problem with data set manipulation. I have a data set;
data2D={{1.3,2.4},{1.4,5.6},{ ,},{ ,}     }}
<<DiscreteMath`ComputationalGeometry` delval=DelaunayTriangulation.

The set delval gives the nearest neighbour of each of the data2D
points.Thus delval may look like:

        {3,{2,4 1}},
In the set delval 1=ist point in data2D (i.e in above eg. {1.3,2.4})
                  2=2nd point
                  3=3rd Point
                      and so on.
Thus 1st point has it's nearest neighbour as 2nd, 5th, 6th points.

Now I have to calculate the angle of the lines joining point 1 with it's
nearest neighbour, with the x-axis=>

angle=TanInverse[y(2)-y(1)/(x(2)-x(1))], where for sake of explanation
point1={x(1),y(1)}, point2={x(2),y(2)}  and so on for points 5,6.
  This should be done for all the points of data2D. 

Then I need to add the angles corresponding to each point and then find
the average .
  So If anyone who could give a slight hint of how this sort of data
manipulation can be done , I would be extremely grateful , Thnking you,

Yours Sincerely,
Nilay Saha
Kamerlingh Onnes Lab,
2300RA Leiden
Postbus: 9506,
The Netherlands.
(0031)71 5275476.

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