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Re: Formatting posts wrote:

  > #1 -- Don't expect people to decipher the text version of 2-D code
  > as:
  > \!\(\[Integral]\(x\^\(2\ \)\) \[DifferentialD]x\)
  > Instead, select your 2-D cell, change the format to InputForm, right
  > click on your selection and choose "copy as... text. 

Here here ... of course, the right click option only works with mutant

  > #2 -- Do not paste the text of a notebook into an email message. 
  > of us have been unable to ever get one of those actually recognized
  > a notebook by following the directions.  Instead, compress your
  > notebook into a pkzip compatible self-extracting executable and
  > it to your message.  

Please don't PKZIP your files. One of the key virtues of Mathematica is
that it uses a cross platform ASCII format. PKZIP is not a 
cross-platform standard. Even though versions exist for non-PC
platforms, many people do not have such utilities.

  > For short notebooks, append the file itself to the
  > email message as long as your email program knows how to keep it as
  > separate file.

Yup ! :)



Colin Rose 
tr(I) - Theoretical Research Institute

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