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Re: 3D histograms?

Rick Riolo wrote:
> Are there any packages, commands, etc, that include ways to create 3D
> hisograms?   My hope is for something like my colleagues can easily
> make in something like Excell, i.e., a an display with rectangular
> columns with the heights analogous to heights in a regular 2d
> histogram.
> Thanks!
>  - r
> --
> Rick Riolo                  Program for Study
> of Complex Systems (PSCS) 4068 Randall Lab
> University of Michigan         Ann Arbor MI 48109-1120 Phone: 313 763
> 3323                  Fax: 313 763 9267

Try the BarChart3D function of the Graphics`Graphics3D` package. (I
think this is Mathematica 3.0 only.) The function is documented in the
Help Browser under  Add-Ons/StandardPackages/Graphics/Graphics3D (or
via the Master Index).

I never worked with it, but am very interested in real-life applications
of this, thus please inform me, if you successfully used it.

Hope that helps


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